Cultural Determinants Within the Design Set Up of Kindergarten and Preschool Interiors: Assessment of Four Typologies in Terms of Their Spatial Formation

Дата выхода / Published: April 2017

Meryem Yalcin and other authors

Полный список авторов: Meryem Yalcin, Ayşe Müge Bozdayi, Mehmet Hakan Ertek

This enquiry has grown out of the desire to examine the parameters, cultural aspects, dimensions, or contexts affecting the built environment in the preschool interiors where children spend most of their time out of their home. Conceptual components affecting the interior space of pre-school education centers are identified and based on literature review, interviews, surveys, observational data, and statistical concepts such as education models, socio-economic conditions, appreciation of adults, child–teacher–parent relations, and location related to culture. These contextual connections and relations with the interior environment shaped the body of the study. 


Meryem Yalçın is the head of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department in TOBB University of Economics and Technology.



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