Peaceful and Happy Schools: How to Build Positive Learning Environments

Дата выхода / Published: 03.2020

Şükran Calp

It is very important for students and teachers to have a positive learning environment. The school that is an institution for educating children should be a peaceful and happy environment. There are principles such as love, respect, honesty, courage, empathy and kindness in the peaceful and happy schools. This study examined the concept of a “peaceful and happy school” and aimed to describe a peaceful and happy school from the point of view of primary school teachers and primary school students. It was designed with a case-study research model. A peaceful and happy school climate is the “case” of this study. The participants of the study consisted of 126 persons, 103 primary school students, and 23 primary school teachers from public schools in Turkey. Data were collected through face-to-face interviews from primary school students and teachers. Semi-structured interview form was used for both groups. At the end of the study, primary school teachers’ and students’ definitions of a peaceful and happy school were presented. It was understood from the findings that primary school students and teachers want to improve the same basic issues related to a peaceful and happy school.


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