Instantaneous lighting quality within higher educational classrooms in Singapore

Дата выхода / Published: 2021

Zhe Kong

Полный список авторов: Zhe Kong, J. Alstan Jakubiec

This paper presents a field study that explores lighting qualities within higher educational classrooms in Singapore. Eight classrooms of three types—computer labs, collaborative learning spaces and lecture halls—are studied. Lighting simulation models are calibrated and validated by measurements taken onsite and utilized to generate both instantaneous and annual physical lighting data.

A questionnaire survey is distributed to 333 participants to gather subjective responses to current lighting perception. The results show that electrically lit lecture halls present more uniform distributions of lighting environments, while daylit computer labs and daylit collaborative learning spaces present relatively lower daylighting conditions. For daylit computer labs, horizontal illuminance is an effective predictor in terms of controlling lighting levels; For electrically lit lecture halls, the mean luminance of the horizontal 40° band is an effective predictor in terms of subjective lighting comfort.


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